Sunday, 24 May 2015

How To Copy and Paste Multiple Items at Once

In this video you will learn how to copy and paste multiple things at once using ten clips. Tenclips is a software that lets you copy and paste a lot of things at once. You can download tenclips free. It's a very good software when you are required to copy and paste many things at once. I recommend you check tenclips out.

Friday, 13 December 2013

How To Reverse A Clip in Adobe Premiere Pro

This tutorial will show you how you can reverse or put your video backwards in Adobe Premiere. In this I will show you how to reverse your clip with Adobe Premiere CS6. However, you can use this method on any other Adobe Premiere software. You can reverse your clip in adobe premiere cs3, adobe premiere cs4 and so on. This tutorial is not that long, watch it and learn how to quickly reverse you clip. Or in other words to put your clips backwards in Adobe Premiere.

A lot of people don't know how to reverse a video clip in adobe premiere. I made this video so i can teach you guys how to put a video backwards in adobe premiere easily. You need to watch another video that is super long on reversing a clip. This video is super short, and it shows you exactly how to reverse a clip in Adobe Premiere. All you have to do to reverse you clip in Premiere is right click and click on speed duration. Then click on Reverse speed and it should be reversed. In this video, I also show how you can remove the reverse audio from adobe premiere. The reverse audio of the clip can be annoying sometimes. 

So, what are you waiting for click the play button and learn how to REVERSE YOUR CLIPS QUICK!!

Basic Of Adobe Premiere CS6

Learn the basic Of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. This tutorial would be on the basic of adobe premiere CS6. It's extremely simple. This could also work for adobe premiere cs4, adobe premiere CS5 and other adobe premiere software. Watch this tutorial so you can learn the basic of Adobe Premiere CS6 and start using it. 

Adobe Premiere CS6 is difficult to learn at the start. I made this tutorial for you so you can get started in Adobe Premiere CS6. For those of you who don't know what Adobe Premiere CS6, I am going to explain it to you briefly. Adobe Premiere CS6 is a complicated and amazing editing software. It is what most professional used in filming industries. Adobe Premiere CS6 is not free though, you have to buy the software with your own money.

In this tutorial I will be going over the basic with Adobe Premiere CS6. In the video, I will be talking about importing a video, cutting a clip, video effects, inserting a picture, changing image size and so much more. After this tutorial, I'm sure you will be ready to start using Adobe Premiere CS6 and start editing.

How To Insert A Header and Footer In Microsoft Word 2013

This is a short tutorial that shows you how to insert a header in microsoft word 2013. You can also do this with other version of microsoft word. It shouldn't take more than 5 seconds for you to insert a header in word. It's really easy. Also, In this tutorial you will learn how to put page numbers in your word document on every page. 

Most Assignments require for you to put your name. Putting a header and footer is a great way for you to put your name on the assignment. Most teachers now want you to put a header on your assignment before you hand it in. If you want to learn how to put a header on microsoft word easily, just watch my tutorial and you will know.

How To Make Your Games Run Faster On Windows 7

This tutorial will show you how to make you games run smoother and faster. This will increase the speed of your game and it will make your game more enjoyable. This will decrease lag on your games. It's so simple to make your games not lag and to make them faster. This will no doubt increase the speed of your game. 

This is extremely easy to do. All you have to do is right click the shortcut of the game you want to increase speed. Then you click on properties. Go into compatibility. After that you check disable visual theme and disable visual composition. Then When you are done this, right click my computer and click on properties. Under performance click on settings. Then click adjust for best performance. There is one more step that you need to do after this. This is completely optional, you don't have to download it if you don't want. The last step is to get gamebooster. This software helps makes the game faster even more, but this is completely up to you to decide.

That's it, You are done! If its still slow and you want to make it even more faster. You can watch my other tutorial on how to speed up your computer completely:

How To Slow Down A Clip In Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn how to slow down a clip in adobe premiere. Its extremely easy to slow down a clip in adobe premiere. All you need is adobe premiere and you can start slowing clips down like a pro. Slowing down a clip in adobe premiere is an amazing effect that can add emotions to the audience. Again, the slow effect in adobe premiere is very handy when making a music video or any other clips.

In this tutorial, I used adobe premiere. The software is not free but you can always try the free trial. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is an excellent video editing software. There are many things you can do in Adobe Premiere Pro. Everything you can do in your imagination you can do on Adobe Premiere Pro. In this tutorial I showed how to slow down a clip in adobe Premiere Pro. You can slow down a clip by hitting X (rate stretch tool) or you can right click and then hitting Speed Duration. Then you can change the speed from there.

I hope this tutorial helped you, if you have any questions please comment. If you found this video helpful subscribe for more videos. Also, you can inbox me if you want me to make a tutorial of something else.

How To Get My Video on the First Page Of Youtube

In this tutorial I will show you how to get your video on the very first page of youtube. There are 3 things you need in order to make your video on the fist page of youtube. The three things that you need is a good title, description and tags. If you have a good title, description and tags your video will be on the first page of youtube. Its not that hard to get your video on the fist page of youtube. Anyone can do it, even new youtube channels.

To get your video on the fist page your title has to be good. You have to make up a title that people are going to look up on youtube. Dont make your title as random numbers and alphabet. Make it like How to get your video on the fist page of youtube. If I was a youtuber that is what i would look for in a title. A good title on a video can really effect your chances of being on the first page of youtube.

The description is the second most important thing to make your video on the first page of youtube. Add a lot of keywords in your description that have to do with the video. The more you put in the video the better the video will be. Also the greater the chance your video will be on the first page.

The last thing you need is the tags. Tags are important as well. You have to include everything in your tags. the more tags, the better the chance it will be on the first page. Make sure you put tags that have to do with your video or people wont find your video